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As a woman with your own unique health needs, you can rely on the experience of a knowledgeable gynecologist to help as you navigate through different phases of your life, including pregnancy and menopause. At his Fairlawn, Ohio, OB/GYN practice, Dr. Barry Fish offers a variety of women-centered services, including routine well-woman exams, to ensure your body is in optimal condition and heath. Dr. Fish’s practice offers flexible scheduling and a convenient patient portal to answer any questions you have. To find out more about women’s care services, schedule a consultation with Dr. Fish online or by calling his office directly.

Well Woman Care Q & A

What is a well-woman exam?

A well-woman exam is an annual assessment that offers Dr. Fish the opportunity to exam your overall health, as well as your reproductive health. He uses these routine assessments to provide you with the right counseling and preventive care services to ensure you’re living a happy, healthy life.

You should schedule an annual well-woman exam to ensure Dr. Fish can identify potential health complications while they’re in the earliest stages. This ensures you have a better chance of effectively treating the condition before it worsens.

What can I expect during a well-woman exam?

Dr. Fish starts each annual visit with a thorough review of your medical history, your family history, and a discussion of any symptoms or concerns you have with regard to your health.

After you undergo routine measurements for height, weight, blood pressure, and pulse, Dr. Fish performs an external physical examination of your reproductive organs, feeling for visible signs of abnormalities. This includes a manual breast exam. If you’re over 40 or have a history of breast cancer in your family, Dr. Fish may refer you for a mammogram.

A routine part of your well-woman assessment is a pelvic exam. Dr. Fish manually feels for abnormalities in the vaginal canal and on your reproductive organs. He also performs a Pap test, collecting a sample of your cervical cells to test for cancer or other infection.

During your appointment, Dr. Fish can also discuss your options for birth control and address any issues you have concerning your personal life, including relationships, sex life, and mental health.

What kind of tests do I need to have?

Laboratory testing during your well-woman exam is typically based on your age and medical history.

If you are currently on medications, including birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Fish may request blood work to monitor your hormone levels.

If you’re in your postmenopausal years, you may need bone density screenings as a preventive measure for osteoporosis.

Sexually active women may also discuss with Dr. Fish the need to test for sexually transmitted diseases.

To schedule a well-woman exam, use the online booking feature or call Dr. Fish’s office directly.

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